Pink & White Minimalist Gaming Setup

Published: July 3, 2020
By Mai
4 min read
Pink & White Minimalist Gaming Setup

Whether you want to start your twitch streaming career or you want to build a nice set up for your gaming sessions, there are many options for gamers of every level. Most PC gaming setups have a dark edgy ‘macho’ vibe, so if you're the opposite and want a setup that matches your soft and girly aesthetics, below are seven things I'd recommend to get started.

1. Quartz Razer Keyboard

When looking for a gaming keyboard, you’ll want to keep in mind what switches it uses. The Quartz Razer keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, so the keys are louder and more robust. Just a personal preference, but I enjoy when my keys feel more clicky and responsive. Another positive aspect is that the keys are raised a bit up so it’s easy to clean. You can customize the lighting for each key to your liking and it also includes a removable wrist rest that makes typing comfortable. I’ve played long hours on Overwatch and Monster hunter on this keyboard and I have no complaints.

2. Razer Headphones

These headphones are definitely a 10/10 in my book. What’s great about these headphones is that they are lightweight and over-the-ears. They reduce background and ambient noises and they still remain comfortable after wearing them for a long time. It comes with a built-in mic that my friends have no issue in hearing me talk. You can also add the neko ears and feel cute even after a streak of losing matches.

3. Razer Basilisk mouse

Absolutely love this mouse! This is the first gamer mouse I've used and I was surprised at how smooth it was. I have small hands but I have a good grip of the mouse so it always feels comfortable. I’ll be honest and say the pink color was the main reason why I bought it but I’m happy the quality has been amazing. Not only does it feel more luxurious than cheap, it is also fully customizable from DPI settings and lets me match the glow of my keyboard making my setup 100x slicker.

4. Razer Quartz Headset Stand

No headset is complete without its stand. The first week Razer had launched that Razer Quartz stand, I was devastated at how it sold out so quickly. This stand is definitely one of the pieces that gives your setup a nice touch. It has multiple 3x Port USB Hub which makes it extremely convenient to plug in your essentials usb cables. You can also customize the LED color to your personal taste.

5. Samsung 351 Series S32F351

Big white monitor to compliment your gaming needs. It is lightweight, good build quality, and worth it for a simple setup. Although the screen resolution is not the greatest, the games still look decent and have high contrast. You can easily adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen. Since this monitor is no longer on the market, I would recommend to friends the Samsung 32 inch CF391 Curved Monitor which is also a good monitor for a new simple PC build.

6. Pioneer Pro DJ DM-40-W

These speakers have not let me down. For great quality, this is an excellent cheaper alternative to studio speakers. I recommend using them as computer desktop speakers. They are amazing while you game or work.


Most importantly, no gaming setup is complete without a white desk. You’re welcome to purchase any desk of your choice. For me, I like my desk to be as simple as possible. This desk from IKEA does a good job achieving the minimalist look with a good spacious size to still be useful.


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