The Impact of Burnout

Published: July 26, 2020
By Mai
2 min read
The Impact of Burnout

Majority of us have probably felt burned out ever since Covid-19 happened. Unfortunate events have happened where teams have become smaller and work has become larger in volume for the rest. In a way, this has led companies to expect their remaining employees to be available 24/7 and take advantage of the situation. Of course, not all companies encourage this practice, but after talking to coworkers and peers, it seems all of us are depressed with the situation that we are stuck with.

I am so grateful and blessed that I still have a job during these uncertain times, but the truth is my room feels like an office. My desk no longer feels like my personal space. I’ve lost my energy to pursue my side projects on the weekend. I don’t have energy to respond to my closest friends. I haven’t enjoyed eating a single meal with my parents. My work-life balance has just been about work and carrying the stress on the weekend. Having this mindset for almost half a year (and my back hurting like shit every day) made me question what’s important to me and if I should set my foot down.

Throughout my years in my career, I have never been the type of person to tell my manager "no". I admit that I tend to add more stress on my plate in return for an "Ok, great thanks" email. No matter if you’re Gen Z, Millennial, or a boomer, I find the common reason why we agree to put ourselves into this type of situation is ultimately money and being able to afford stability for ourselves and our family. But, my question is does it ever get better? No, actually it doesn't. I learned we only get used to this grind until one day we’re 50 and realize we hate our lives and what we became.

But, I will leave this post with a positive note. Your perception of who you are does not revolve around how many tasks or emails you can finish in one day. Do not distort your idea of success with money and temporary stress. Be kinder to yourself because you are doing great and exercise more to help your back problems.

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