Kawaii Pink and White Desk Tour

Published: August 29, 2020
By Mai
3 min read
Kawaii Pink and White Desk Tour

Looking to upgrade the level of cuteness for your gaming set up? Look no farther! Back in July, I made a blog post on what products I believe were great to get started on a minimal gaming setup. Since then I’ve and bought new additions for my desk to give my set up a bit more 'oomf'. I also checked out Tips to Decluttering Your Messy Workspace to organize my workspace.

1. Razer Kraken Headphones

I replaced my Razer D.Va MEKA Headset with these pair of headphones. These headphones are definitely a 10/10 in my book. What’s great about these headphones is that they are lightweight and over-the-ears. They reduce background and ambient noises and they still remain comfortable after wearing them for a long time. It comes with a built-in mic that my friends have no issue in hearing me talk. You can also add the neko ears and feel cute even after a streak of losing matches.

2. Razer Quartz Headset Stand

No headset is complete without its stand. I was originally using this Rose Gold Headset Stand, but I replaced that with this stand. The first week Razer had launched that Razer Quartz stand, I was devastated at how it sold out so quickly. This stand is definitely one of the pieces that gives your setup a nice touch. It has multiple 3x Port USB Hub which makes it extremely convenient to plug in your essentials usb cables. You can also customize the LED color to your personal taste.

3. Alex Add-on Unit

The add-on unit from Ikea gives my speakers and monitor a nice lift to make my screen more eye level. What I love best about this is that I can store more things such as extra usb cables and random stationeries to keep my desk looking cleaner. For reference my desk is 48” and fits the add-on unit just about perfectly. If your desk is smaller than 48”, then this add-on unit will be too big and will not place correctly on your deks.

4. AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

First off, this gaming chair is definitely a bold color and screams cuteness all over it. The chair comes with extra accessories such as bunny ears and a bunny tail. The cushion provides great lumbar support and keeps me from feeling sore from sitting down all day. The price is a bit expensive for its quality, but if you want the cutest gaming in the world and price is not an issue, i’d highly recommend it.

5. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

If you prefer to have a good balance of standing and sitting down, an electronic desk is definitely something I would look into. Whichever desk you choose for gaming station is ultimately up to your preference. The one I chose is the Flexispot standing 48” desk in the color white and it’s been amazing so far.

All of the Other Accessories

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